~ Fair and softly goes far ~ is a quote by Cervantes, but since 2011 it’s also the name of this inspirational blog on design & lifestyle.

More than anything *fasgf* is a feeling, a way of life. It’s an intention to live consciously and honor beauty inside and out: a fair dream in a pastel universe.

My real name means ‘gift’ in Latin, but you can call me Mrs. Dee. By day I have a job in publishing (this is me) and I live somewhere near the sea with my husband, Egyptian temple cat 3 year old boy.

Besides books I have a passion for design and art, papergoods, photography and all other things that make up the silver lining of life. I find it difficult to sum up who I am in a fixed quantity of words. I have philosophical tendencies but try to keep it simple. I believe happiness can be found in the little things.

Other things about me include the following (in a random order):

  • I hate labels and name tags
  • I’m a night person
  • I enjoy making bananabread
  • I practice yoga
  • I used to play the violin
  • I have a magazine addiction
  • I’ve never been to America (but would like to go)
  • I was born in 1977
  • I rarely wear high heels

~ About the buttons:

Kindred spirits ~ this series consists of interviews with the person behind a small business or blog that is inspiring and whose message I would like to support and whose story I would like to share.

Count your blessings ~ is a series initiated by Anki from Zilverblauw (for a list of participants you can check here). In it we count our blessings, celebrate our joy and give thanks to our day to day moments of happiness.

  1. Nikki said:

    Hallo Mrs. Dee :),

    Ik vind je blog leuk!



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