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Great shops to visit in my hometown: MINGUZ

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It’s been almost two years since we moved to Haarlem and I love this city a little bit more every day. I’ve never been that kind of person that feels at home in a particular city, I guess I have the soul of a wanderer, I can make my bed (or hut) everywhere and feel pretty much at ease (proof of this lies in the fact I’ve lived in Almere for more than a decade; […]

Fair shops to see: DEERN & more

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I’m very happy to see that fair shops and websites continue to grow. Recently I got a press release from a new website where you can find ‘fair’ sustainable clothing and accessorizes. It’s an initiative of Annemarie de Raadt and it’s called de Goede Gids. It features every sustainable shop, brand and web store in Holland where they sell sustainable fair fashion (over 500 addresses are included). And in Ter Aar a new sustainable living […]

Fotoshoot with Holly Marder & Anouschka Rokebrand

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A little while back the lovely Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle blog requested models on Facebook for an upcoming fotoshoot. Normally I’m kind off camera shy but since stepping out of my comfort zone is something I’m attempting to do more I emailed Holly for the specifics. I didn’t really have an idea what to expect but I found myself with a lot of other beautiful ladies making flower garlands in a beautiful styled space. […]

Flavourites Live 2014 – it’s almost here!

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flavorites live 2014 - fair and softly goes far blog

One of my favorite events during the year is Flavourites Live. I’ve been going there from the very beginning and I’ve seen the event grow and grow. I also still love the website (and store now too!), it’s one of my basic go-to websites whenever I want to relax and browse some webshops. This year I’m going there with Nina from Paper Stories with whom I’m also maybe (fingers crossed) going to Maison & Objet this […]

DDW14 Dutch Design Week II

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I made so many photo’s during DDW I had to write another post on it (and maybe I will write another one, who knows?) Everything was so beautifully styled and perfect. It was just a photographer’s dream. You could just take photo’s all day long. One of the most beautiful things I saw were the silk fabrics by Hilde Koenders. I loved their delicacy and the geometric, abstract shapes made out of tulip petals that […]

Some things I love #8

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It has been a while since my last STIL so high time to change that! We are enjoying some nice weather over here which is really great since I want to desperately forget fall is on its way… Still I do have some nice things coming up this fall and in January my boy is turning 4! He’s already dying to go to school so I intend to make the most of this couple of […]

ShowUp (again)

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I felt really inspired after visiting ShowUp this weekend. After I saw all these creative people living their dream by ‘creating’ I thought more about my creative dreams and about finding a way to do something with them. The problem with me is that I like so many different things. I like photography and fashion, design and illustration to name just a few. And then there is this whole ‘spiritual’ side of me (which I […]

ShowUp 2014

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I had the best weekend! On Saturday I was one of the models for one of Holly’s gorgeous bridalshoots *blush* with the amazing photographer Anouschka Rokebrand (more on that soon) and today I went to the ShowUp trade fair with Nina from Paper Stories. We saw a lot of beautiful stuff and on top of that it was just really nice to be inspired together with a friend. I will pick some brands to blog about in the […]


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So it isn’t Valentine’s day yet or Christmas, but still there’s always a good reason to light a candle or getting jewelry. Recently I was approached by JewelCandle company to blog about their scented candles. I liked the concept of lighting a candle and finding a piece of jewelry in it! I love jewelry (and scented candles)! The JewelCandles are made by hand of natural products and each candle holds a piece of jewelry like […]

Deyrolle Paris II

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I wrote earlier about Deyrolle in Paris and my wish to sometime go there. Well, this year, while we were crossing Paris by car in a rush to get to our hotel at the city’s airport, I looked to my left and saw the very shop of my dreams! It was the most luckiest of coincidences (but of course I don’t believe in chance). How absurd to be driving through that immense city without any plan […]