I love Scandinavian design don’t get me wrong, but there is something about French shops and their stuff that is just… well, comforting. Generally there is more color and the products are more arty and alive. I guess every country has its own unique flavor when it comes to decorating. I’m still not sure what my flavor exactly is.. One thing I am sure of is I love Mushkane, an eco-shop in France that sells beautiful baskets, blankets, cushions, rugs etc. I love love their rugs! They also sell clothing and a small range of stationary. This is just the shop I would like to visit on my shopping trip: full of soft colors with affordable stuff that tells a unique story. Unfortunately I’ve had some difficulty ordering from their webshop, but we’re going to France in a couple of weeks so who knows, we can maybe stop by their boutique in Paris!

1497992_10153712268110251_136417204_omushkanemushkane i

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost. A lot has happened in my little life, I left my job after six years and because it was a job I cherished it was all very emotional. However I do think it is for the best. I wasn’t happy for a while and didn’t feel it was the place for me anymore. Sometimes life gives you lemons and then you need to make lemonade. I will try to seize this opportunity to find out my true passion and hopefully somewhere along the road I will find a job again that I love. This really is a time to weave a new life for myself. Speaking of weaving: I found these incredible tapestries made by Maryanne Moodie. She makes collections for private and commercial clients and I think her work is really beautiful. They are a bit expensive, but who knows: maybe we’ll win the lottery some day! Or I can take up weaving!




I definitely feel spring in the air, it’s getting lighter and warmer. I also feel a little bit more at ease. The dust of last year’s drama has somewhat settled and I’m looking towards the future again. I’m having more inspiration and ideas and feeling more like me again. One of my exciting ideas has come to live: I’m now blogging together with a friend at; a Dutch mind-body-spirit blog. If you’re Dutch (and interested) do make sure to visit and read our articles, interviews etc. I also made a prototype melamine plate with one of my graphic designs. It turned out very good and I’m really happy with it. I’m planning to launch a separate portfolio site very soon!


I love wallpaper. The only reason I don’t have any wallpaper at home is because I can’t choose one and because my taste doesn’t necessarily correspond with that of my mister. I do love how it brings life to a room and really sets a specific mood. The difficult thing with me though is that I’m actually very eclectic (although obviously pastel tones are a favorite) and love so many styles. One that would fit very good in my current interior are these two lovely nature inspired wallpapers by the Swedish brand Sandberg. You can google for any retailers near you or if you live in Holland you can get them at one of my favorite Dutch interior designers (and -web-shop): Femkeido. Lovely aren’t they?

Carl collection 2013Carl collection 2013

{photo credits Sandberg the wallpapers are called Skymning and Gryning }

Remember when I wrote about Minted? I’m really in love with this concept and couldn’t really wait to try to enter one of my designs. I know I know, it’s early and I’m not nearly good enough, but I tried anyway and entered the Minted West Elm competition with three designs. If you would like to vote for me you can do so here. I would really appreciate it, since the chance for me winning is quite slim… insekt

I’m totally in love with these two ladies. I’m an avid reader of their blogs By Fryd and Hilde Mork where they do nothing less than making art (and making me feel like an absolute beginner in the process). They have an aesthetic that really resonates with me. They also have a shop where they sell beautiful quality pieces. If you are quick you can still join their giveaway! (I certainly am)


{HYSJ 01 // AUGUST 2013 copyright HYSJ}

O my! I’ve discovered this lovely Danish brand What we do on Instagram. They do everything from web design to illustration and also recently introduced these beautiful plywood prints. I love the ones with the fox and the rabbit, but they are all very pretty. Check them out here or on their blog. One of each please!


So you all now how much I love stationery and paper products right? Especially since I’ve been trying my luck at designing myself I’ve become even more intrigued by the possibilities of starting my own line or by self-made designs in general. I’m hoping to design more stuff in the future and then maybe even try my design-luck at Minted. In this online stationery store you can find the most beautiful designs by designers. Designers can enter their designs to compete and then the most beautiful are chosen by the Minted community that then are sold on the site. Isn’t that a great concept! Minted sells everything from baby shower invitations to business cards to valentine’s cards and posters plus things you may need to get the party started and the fun thing is you can customize most of it to your liking. Go wild I say!


You all know how much of a fan I am of the French Lyndie Dourthe so when I heard that her work would be exhibited at one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam: FridayNext, I just had to go! It was a small but lovely exhibition that is certainly worth the visit. Her little globe universes always are so beautifully intricate and detailed to perfection. I would love to have one of her works someday, but in the meantime I will just have to look at these photo’s.

lyndie dourthe exhibition fasgf blogIMG_5850lyndi dourthe ivlyndi dourthe exhibition fasgf bloglyndi dourthe exhibition fasgf blog

I really enjoyed my visit to Flavourites Live. This time I also went to the business section where you could attend lectures and workshops by MamaMarketing and Ocher a.o. I really love the atmosphere with all the little shops but I must admit that maybe I’m becoming a little spoiled since I didn’t really see any new stuff. I guess this has something to do with me attending quite a lot of fairs and events…I did buy a great new hat by one label Yellow108 though. They are being sold here by webstore VivaLaVida and the story behind that brand is such an inspiring one. They take leftover pieces of material and recycle them into beautiful hats. Do make sure to check out the sustainable webstore VivaLaVida Lifestyle too run by Ilse and Jeroen, they were so very nice! Here are some pictures of my favorite stands with original products.


{1. Kaartje of Kip – I really like their style / 2. Studio Saartje – O, how I wish I could sew… / 3. Ien en Mien – self-made bags / 4. De fabricage – Vintage furniture – love}


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